Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the position of a sticker once I’ve placed it?

Yep. Tap the sticker and use your finger to drag it where you want it. Double-tap for even more options.

How do I delete stickers that I’ve placed?

There’s an individual delete button under the double-tap options menu for each sticker. You can also remove all stickers in your space by clicking the delete button on the main capture screen.

How do I make a sticker look farther away or closer to me?

Double-tap the sticker you want to move, then press the Z-depth toggle (the up/down arrow) and drag your finger up or down to move the sticker farther away or reeeeeeeal close.

What are the white and pink dots on my screen?

The white dot pattern indicates slappable surfaces. Slapped stickers will automatically lay flat on these surfaces. The pink dots are non-planar points. The app lets you slap stickers on both planar and non-planar objects by dragging to the nearest white or pink dots.

How does the app decide where to place stickers?

Stickers slap in space one of three ways:

  1. If you drag a sticker over pink dots, the sticker snaps to them.
  2. If a sticker is dragged to a flat surface (white dots), it slaps flat.
  3. If slapped into a scene with no perceived flat surfaces or trackable objects, the sticker lands three feet in front of you.

How do I share my recordings?

Once you’ve recorded your Slapstick video or photo, you can share straight to Instagram with the Instagram icon, or save your slap for later (in Drafts or to your device). You can also click the upload icon for more sharing options.

What do I need to use Slapstick?

You’ll need an iPhone 6S or later, running iOS 11.4 or newer. Or an Android, running Android 8.0 (Oreo) or newer.

Can I edit stickers in post-capture that I placed in the live camera view?

Nope. You can only edit stickers in post-capture that you’ve placed in post-capture. But you’re always free to capture a scene sans stickers, and add them in post-capture afterwards.

I’m having a problem with the app, how do I get help?

Email us at

Do stickers stay in the VR world after I close the app?

Wouldn’t that be cool? But no, when you close out of the app, the stickers you’ve slapped disappear (but you can save their spot in your composition by saving your slap to Drafts!).

Can other Slapstick users see the stickers I’ve placed in the VR world?

Not yet...but just you wait.

How often do new sticker packs come out?

Who knows? You’ll have to follow on Instagram to find out!

Can I suggest a new sticker pack theme?

Sure! Email us at, and we’ll gauge if it’s Slapstick-worthy.

I’m artsy. Can I collaborate with you to design a custom sticker pack?

We love artsy people! Show us what you’ve got by emailing with your portfolio link or samples of your work. If we dig what you’re throwing down, we’ll be in touch.

Can I slap stickers onto static images?

Where’s the fun in that?

Can I slap stickers in a moving vehicle?

Sure you can. But they’ll wind up waaaaaay behind you. They stick in the real world, son.

Any pro tips for me?

Try “sticker bombing” the space around you. Drag the sticker you want to bomb onto your screen and hold it in place with one finger, then use another finger to tap the screen around it. Slap-happy goodness ensues.

Are some surfaces less slappable than others?

Unfortunately, yes. Reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors, or water might be tricky to slap. Moving objects will be problematic too. But if you feel like trying to slap angry eyes on Rufus, go for it!

Can I share my slaps with you?

Please do! We’re suckers for slaps. Tag your Instagram posts with #slapstickapp for a chance to be featured in our feed (credited to you, of course).

Is Slapstick the best app ever?

Well, duh.